World United Martial Arts Alliance :: Diversity and Unity


Our Goals:

Human Development,

Business Development,

Sport Development

World United Martial Arts Alliance :: Diversity and Unity

About WUMA

The World United Martial Arts Alliance (WUMA) was founded in 2004 to provide a new leadership role for our growing industry. WUMA is open to all Martial Art students, families, instructors, school owners and supporters who believe in the vision, mission and goals of this organization.

WUMA offers a holistic approach to bring success in three areas of development: 
Human, Business and Sports.

Membership Benefits:

• Sharing curricula and philosophies

• Rank, Instructor, Referee, Coaching Certifications

• Partners in the Business aspect of Martial Arts

• Regional, National, International Championships and Training Programs

• International Exchange (Cultural/Educational)

• Membership Alliance Program that accepts

Rank and membership privileges throughout the world.

• Membership Card, Patches, Newsletter, Membership Discount on Insurance, Merchandise, Seminars and more...


Delivery of high quality martial arts training comes through the development of appropriate standards. WUMA offers certification in the following areas.

• Martial Art School Management

• Instructor/Coaching/Referee

• Rank Certification (All Ranks):


Master/Black Belt/Color Belts

Through the establishment of certification in these areas, member WUMA schools and clubs can assure those joining the Martial Art world a consistent standard of quality.

The financial success of Martial Art instructors Effective dojang management is the backbone of our industry and one of the main services of WUMA. WUMA continues to seek out the best available resources and networking opportunities to ensure Successful Martial Art School operation for its members.


Our Mission:

Education, Training,

Application & Teaching


Our Vision:

Kids Grow Up Happy & Healthy,

Young Become Wise & Strong,

Old Enjoy Peace & Harmony


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